Business consulting and process development

Sector independent, complex, innovative solutions adapted flexibly to the customer's unique demand. We have a strong commitment to the partners' requirements and to the achievability of tasks.

Overlook and analysis of processes. According to the results proposals for optimizations on system level – on the basis of BI if possible.

  • Process analysis and optimization
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase cost- and operation efficiency
  • Strategic analysis
  • Project management
  • System management
  • Support financial, accounting and taxing processes
  • Revision of ERP system, introducing new system if required, consultation
  • Payroll with consultations
  • Manage migration projects

Introducing proposals accepted by customer

  • Amendment, evolving of regulation
  • Implementation of new processes
  • Building and improving new controlling system
  • Introducing, revising business planning
  • Project management
  • Building KPI system
  • Operate and control the accomplished processes according to the customer requirement
  • Coaching 
  • Change management
  • Management audit

We keep in mind during all of our projects that improve an organization efficiently is only possible with continuous involvement of the expert colleagues of the certain fields from the company!