Give you valuable services to support you in informed decision making.

Help you to have a better overview on your company processes, the so far hidden connections between them or the probably malfunctioning areas.

We give support and services to our customers with professional knowledge and decades of work experience.

We have practical approach and create value for your company with a constructive attitude.

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Sector independent, complex, innovative solutions adapted flexibly to the customer's unique demand. We have a strong commitment to the partners' requirements and to the achievability of tasks.


The BI (Business Intelligence) offers you the sum of such automated systems and processes for decision support which helps you to make efficient, databased decisions.

Our top consultants
Sándor Vizi

Sándor Vizi

Business, Process development, Manager Consultant

I have 18 years working experience at multinational companies. From 2015 as CFO, and CGO I have managed several complex projects;

  • company acquisition,
  • merge,
  • production line optimization,
  • downsizing (HR and legal aspects also),
  • company formation.

I build up controlling systems during green field investments and in the polity.

As Chief accountant I was responsible for the controlling of the accounting and tax return, SAP introduction, first consolidation.

I discuss the automated reports developed by us together with the management to help them make established financial decisions.

Tamás Molnár

Tamás Molnár

Business Intelligence consultant, instructor

In the past few years I have worked on the efficiency improving and automation of my partners' business processes based on my eight years controlling and accounting experience at companies of different sizes and sectors.

As a professional from financial fields I know very well how hard, money and time consuming to build up and maintain an effective reporting, analysing process.

But with learning the now available, modern technologies and tools all this can be simpler and more effective and often with the already existing tools of the company which so far has not -or not fully- utilized.

I find it very important to show the potential of these tools to my partners and enable them this way to make data based decisions so they will be more effective and have greater competitive advantage.